World Communion Setlist

God has been blessing us with musicians lately. This morning we had a 7 piece rock it Caribbean style for World Communion Sunday. There is something about worship and reggae…if you don’t do it you should. One of the players has this Jack Johnson vocal vibe that fits so well. Although we are largely an older PCUSA congregation the Lord is lowering the demographic age one upbeat at a time.

Today, 10/5:

1. Lift Me Up – OC Supertones (don’t look for chord charts or sheet music, they don’t exist!)
2. How Great Is Our God – Tomlin (or should I say, How Great Is Our Jah)
3. All Creatures of Our God and King – Crowder
4. Communion – Third Day (NOT reggae)
5. Praise Adonai – P Baloche (and oldie but a goodie and even better when popping on the 2 and 4)

There you have it! Once you have OC Supertone’d in a Presbyterian Church, I’m not sure quite where to take it from there, but fortunately God has given us the Spirit for that.

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  • HL

    Chris, I lead worship @ first presbyterian church in Lakeland FL. I love the set list. Love the OC Supertones too. Very cool and fun. Today was a rocking day for us too. I lead at our Missional service “Vine” I love it. Many blessings!


  • Mike Mahoney

    This sounds like a fun day… I love Praise Adonai… I like to mute on 2 and 4, give it that Carib vibe. Sounds like you and I could play together!

  • Amanda

    Caribbean style! That just sounds totally fun!!

  • dorothy (vicar of vibe)

    How fun!
    I get such a kick out of you.

  • beth

    “one upbeat at a time”.


    Great set list. Sounds like a fun day.

  • Paul J.

    Jah mo be there.

  • Fred F. McKinnon

    Wow, now that DOES sound like an exciting service! thanks for being a part of Sunday Setlists!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  • prophetsandpopstars

    Thanks all for the comments. I’ve enjoyed your setlists today. THanks for the ideas

  • Gary Durbin

    very cool. next time you must share some video or pics. great set and vibe.

  • Steff

    How Great is our God is classic!

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