Why I Don’t Listen To Sermons…sometimes

Last night, when the dreaded supper time came, you know that time: everyone has to eat but you don’t have a meal ready to run into their mouths, it became clear that what we needed was some pizza.
In my family, I am the pizza hunter.
It’s like being John Carter without Martain gravity, cool spaceships…or exercise.
So I headed off to Guido’s.
It’s a Mediterranean Italian food joint up in Montrose, next to a karate dojo where children pay to get screamed at.

I was planning on going solo, so I plugged into the Reset sermon series from The Orchard Community in Aurora, IL, and headed out to the car.
My son, Caeden came bounding after me asking where I was going.
All this talking was blowing my Christo-Mojo-Zen.

He asked, “Can I come?”

I knew these words were coming.
I knew the instant I saw him, that I wasn’t going to be “filled with the Word,” but he’s so much more important – Duh! I would rather be with him than just about anything. This little dude is the coolest cat in the cosmos. The level he thinks on stretches my brain into the sublime. And yet I don’t get a whole lot of time to just listen to him, to hang out with just him. So, with the tape still rolling in my ears I got into the car, not thinking about the fact it was playing.

He climbed into the back seat and Asked me, “what are you listening to?”

“A sermon,” I said, pulling the headphones from my ears, “but I’d rather be with you than listen to this.”

“Would you really?” he asked. “Would you really rather be with me?”

“Every time. Every time.” I responded.

And it’s true. The word is forever. That little dude will only want to hang out with his bald daddy for how many more days…minutes?

We played fruit ninja, angry birds, we talked, we drank Gatorade, we listened to a karate instructor tell a bunch of 6 year olds wrapped up in their gi, “This is no game!”
We laughed.
But, he is right, this is no game.
The pizza was really good, too.

Right now someone is wondering the same thing about you?
What are you listening to?