Manti: “My Whole World Told Me That She Died”

This autotune mashup is Katie Couric laying into Manti Te’o, Notre Dame superstar,
on why he lied to his team and the world about his online girlfriend’s death.
His response is amazing,
“My whole world told me that she died.”

That’s a huge problem.

If you’re whole world is telling you a lie,
perhaps it’s time for a whole new world.

That’s what Manti Te’o needs to be learning,
and…we should to.

Is the world around you telling things about yourself that aren’t true?
You are too quiet?
You aren’t creative?
You aren’t as good as she is?
You aren’t as handsome as he is?
You’ll never be what you think you can be?
Other people are successful, not you?

Do the people around you make you feel like your worst fears about yourself are true?
Just thinking off the cuff, but…
It’s time for a world transplant.

Think about who you are.
Think about what you want.
Then build a world that aligns with those things.

In the church world, I want to be around Jesus sell outs, world changers, faith shapers and truth tellers.
Those are the people I am trying to build a world with.

If you are a writer, fill your head with voices that affirm your work.
If you’re an artist, a songwriter, a dancer, surround yourself with people
who value the hard work it takes to improve.

Moses prayed, “Teach us to number our days so we can have a wise heart [Ps 90:12].”
The goal is know how precious each moment of your life is.
There aren’t enough days.
A wise heart protects a broken one.

If your world is lying to you,
telling you things that aren’t true,
isn’t it time for a new world?

Just asking…enjoy the song. Again.