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Had such a good time linking great posts, thought I’d do it again!

theologyforum and Kierkegaard:

Woe to him therefore, who preaches Christianity without the possibility of offense. Woe to the person who smoothly, flirtatiously, commendingly, convincingly preaches some soft, sweet something which is supposed to be Christianity!

Adam Copeland, writes on conservative America (one must remember that inside looking out means that there is an outside looking in).

For those in church ministry, here are some summer slump posts from making difference makers. Here in Mesa, we don’t slump, we empty. Understandable when you consider the fact that the average temperature during the summer months is 425F. Freakishly, however, we have yet to experience those temps here in the Land that Global Warming Forgot.

This bit of fun from Deadly Viper:

Deadly Viper also ran a fairly creative discussion about sex a few weeks ago. Should Christians really be talking about such things??? I think our silent, but confused approach is working. Hey, if it was good for the Boston Colony…it’s good for me! //end sarcasm\\

–In other news, I was officially accepted as Candidate in the PCUSA yesterday. I finish my MDiv coursework in Dec and can look for a call in about a year. (Hopefully, I’ll be closer to accepting a call???)

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  • Amanda S.

    The land that global warming forgot? I think I found your June weather. It’s taking a break at Two Bunch Palms, in Desert Hot Springs, where I was.

    Soaking. In natural, lithium-laden hot springs. Lithium’s an anti-depressant, you know. And I soaked in it. For nearly four whole days. While the ambient temperature hovered at between 89 and 94 degrees, with a mostly light winds and clear skies.

    What? Should I go now? I’ll just go.


  • prophetsandpopstars

    Actually, my ambiguous global warming reference meant just that…it should be 115 by now by our averages have been the exact same as Two Bunch Palms, hovering between 89 and 94. Yesterday, it got crazy and moseyed up to 97.

    So pull up a chair, stay a while. I don’t think global warming is going anywhere.

    (Of course this probably means we’ll have to open Christmas presents in the pool!)