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The Seven Suns

In Robert Rodriguez’ 2010 contribution to the Predator franchise (which, by the way, is the best offering since the original), a group of mercenary-type earthlings are transported to a distant planet where they eventually come face to face with the alien species who brought them there (bet you’re ready to rent it right now). In one early scene, the humans catch a glimpse of the sky and see stars and planets which tip them off to the fact that they’re not on the right planet. They’re not even in the right solar system. Seeing the alien horizon prompts Royce (played by Adrien Brody) to remark quite intently, “We’re going to need a new plan.”

The many suns of this imaginary world remind me of the seven suns last Sunday’s portion of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. (2:11-3:6). In this passage, Paul uses seven words that contain the Greek prefix συν (pronounced soon, actually). The inclusion of sun as an adverb or adjective conditions the word Paul is using as something that is done in community.

In describing what Christian community is and does, the sun prefix is instrumental for our understanding. As Paul writes, we are citizens together, who are joined together and built together, knowing together that we are heirs together. We are Christ’s body together sharing all things…you guessed it…together.

We are like citizens of another planet, living in an alien world. We get our bearings from the seven suns, our togetherness. As we move forward as the Church, we’re going to see God do new things, experience the Risen Christ in new and powerful ways.

And, oh yeah, we’re going to need a new plan.