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Captivated By God

This is a brief response to a question that was asked in a sermon by Jason Heppner, preaching June 29, 2014 @glenpres // #3 in our GPC@TheMovies Sermon Series.

There was a moment in his sermon where he asked this question. I started to just write down the question, because it’s a good one, but before I knew it, I had filled a page of my journal.

When was the last time you were captivated by God?

The times when I have been most captivated by God have always been when I see God at work in the lives of the people around me. I want it to be the surreal and miraculous personal moment, but it doesn’t ever seem to be the case. It might be that I don’t notice, possibly because I’m always going, always thinking, always asking, always listening, reading, talking. Maybe the miraculous is actually something that is the greater part of my life.

When I notice the hand of God at work in my life is when I see it clutch the heart of someone standing close by. When I notice the breath of God blowing through the world around me is when I hear it catch in the voice of my neighbor because they have in some way seen the face of the living God.

I notice that.

It’s possible that I’m so drawn inward that I simply can not see the miracle moments as they happen to me. That, or what I experience is so normal that I don’t know I’m experiencing it.

I rely on the reaction and the response to the “With God” experiences of others to deepen, to broaden, to multiply the profound nature of my experience.

That captivates me.