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james brown turning funky into fine

Christmas: Turning Funky Into Fine

james brown turning funky into fine

🎶 It’s Christmas time, It’s no time to be afraid 🎶

Unless you haven’t done your Christmas shopping. You’ve got three weeks. Are you done yet? Shopping for Christmas presents really brings out the crazy, right? All these funky people trying to find a way to be…to feel fine. 

Check out this clip from “Jingle All The Way”

When my siblings were little, I had to do this every year (That’s right, Jamie, Santa didn’t beat a man with his own arm to give you that Nintendo Power Glove. I did!). It kind of…scared the Christmas out of me. Where did all this gift giving come from? If Christmas is about the birth of God on earth, do we have to run up such a high Visa bill???

Turns out, the problem started with the Bible.

In the Scriptures, these Magi bring Jesus some presents. Of course they didn’t fall off of Santa’s sleigh and they weren’t fought over on Christmas eve. They were baby shower gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gifts have always been a part of Christmas, but you didn’t always have to ‘Jingle All The Way’ to get them. 

Gold was a gift for a king. It is priceless, representing economic wealth and spiritual purity. Throughout the Scriptures, God uses gold to talk about the process of becoming more and more holy, “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the priests and refine them like gold and silver. [Mal 3:3]”

Frankincense was a spice used in worship. It was an everyday offering. When you added it to hot coals, it made the funky smell fine. This gift foreshadowed Christ’s life on earth: he made the funky…smell fine.

Myrrh had many uses. As a resin it was a beauty treatment. As a liquid it was a pain reliever. As a solid, it was a perfume, as in a burial spice. 

The King of Heaven began his life with Gold, and ended it by turning you into it. He began his life in the funk and made the funk fine before God. At his birth, they brought myrrh. At his death, they brought the same. 

The birth of Jesus means that you are important to God.

It’s gold when you think about it. 
His life means that God is with us. 
With you. 
With you however you come to him, 
wrapped in whatever funk you got yourself into. 

The myrrh of his death is the thing that reminds us we are forgiven, you are forgiven;

You are more loved and accepted than you can handle.

You are fine. 
More than fine. 
You are his. 

You may have the perfect gift for your BFF, but what are you bringing to Jesus? What gift are you laying before the manger?

Bring whatever you have. 
Whoever you are.
All that you have to give. 

If you are afraid what you bring to Christ is too funky, don’t worry. Jesus will turn your funky into fine!

🎶 It’s Christmas time, It’s no time to be afraid 🎶

In the comments, share a present you had to fight to get.