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Insanity Workout For The Soul: SLEEP

The other night, my wife and I were done watching our Late Night TV and I decided to turn the TV off. Now, I’m a Dude, which means that I have to check as many channels as possible, as quickly as possible, before I hit the power button. So, as I shotgunned the Down Channel, I ran across this.

insanity workout pic

After staying up an extra half hour to watch the Insanity Workout infomercial,
I went upstairs to “try out” some of the moves in the kitchen.
I was Bomb! Actually, I had to use the fridge to climb back up.
BUT I’m going to order it!

I want six pack abs!
I want to be lean and fit!
I want my woman to sigh and swoon!
I want a kick butt before and after photo!

This is work that I want to do because I want the results.
This is work that I believe is healthy and I want to be healthy.
This is work that I believe will make me better.

Lent is a time where the soul can be worked out like Insanity works the body.
Our souls need to be worked out, too.
What condition is your soul in?

Over the course of the season of Lent, I’ll drop some SOUL EXERCISES on us to
get a six pack spirit and paddleboard personality.

This week try this:


1. Sleep is where you form new memories, “if you’re trying to learn something new — whether it’s Spanish or a new tennis swing — you’ll perform better after sleeping. via
2. Sleep contributes to explosive creativity, “In addition to consolidating memories, or making them stronger, your brain appears to reorganize and restructure them, which may result in more creativity as well.”
3. Sleep increases focus, focuses attention and creates room for the win. “If you are having focus problems on things of heart and soul, sleep. Sleep puts an edge on a dull soul. -me”

Eugene Peterson wrote some great words on the exercise of sleep, “During the hours of my sleep how will God prepare to use my obedience, service and speech when morning breaks? I go to sleep to get out of the way for awhile. I get into the rhythm of salvation. While we sleep great and marvelous things are happening, things far beyond our ability to create. Then when we rise, our work can settle into the context of God’s work. Our human work can be integrated into God’s holy work.” via

Let’s Get Interactive

We don’t normally look at Sleep as exercise for the soul,
but what’s the worst thing that could happen?
You’re not paranoid and grumpy all the time?
You stop cultivating mold crop sad bags under your eyes?

This is work that we can do because we want the results.
This is work that we believe is healthy and we want to be healthy.
This is work that we believe will make us better.

Push your self!
Work it!

Got Nap?

What are the benefits of sleep for you?
What keeps you awake?

  • S OBryan

    It’s funny how as parents we tell our kids how important sleep is and to get to bed. It’s what my parents told me (in fact my Dad still tells me to go to bed and get more sleep). I wonder what other parental things we ignore?

    PS – Dan and a small group of people do Insanity and P90X at the D/C around 5:30 each morning…

  • S OBryan

    yeah baby!

  • kasedoggy

    dude…that’s awesome. 

  • prophetsandpopstars

    They sound like serious problem children. 5:30??

  • Suelkilpatrick

    A while back, you saw sleep as a waste of time. I am pleased my good pastor, is now a fan and advocate of. Also, sleep can be theraputic- issues can get processed and put to  rest (literally). So don’t forget to sleep !

  • prophetsandpopstars

    now all I have to do is find some!
    — on the hunt!