RUSH Presto cover

The RUSH Bible: “Scars”

Do you have any great Scars?
Where did you get them?
Who knows that you have them?

Some scars come from stories that are the life of the party and others come from moments so private and painful we hope that no one ever sees them. Scars are a really unique feature of the human body. They are wounds that have healed. One of the things about hurt is that the wound is temporary, but the scar can be permanent.

For their 1989 release Presto, RUSH included the uptempo percussive mover, Scars. Neil Peart commented, “I think it’s part of everyone’s experience that a certain record reflects a certain period of their life, and that’s a pleasurable scar, you know, there’s a mark left on you, a psychological fingerprint left by a very positive experience. And music is an easy one, but it translates to so many other parts of life where it’s a given that, for instance, the sense of smell is one of the strongest forces in your memory, where a given smell will suddenly conjure up a whole time of your life, and again, it triggers another scar, it triggers another psychological imprint that was left by a pleasurable thing. So it was just, again, the metaphor of scars and using it to say that, as the song does, that these are positive and negative aspects of life that have both left their mark.” via

test for echo Scars are like what the Bible calls “ebenezers”. An eben ‘ezer is literally a “stone of help” [see 1 Samuel 7:12-14]. Ebenezers were built in places where there was a significant experience with God that needed to be remembered. Generally, it was a grouping of stones that not only looked much like a scar on the earth, but also like the album cover for RUSH’s Test For Echo. One of the reasons we need to bear scars like an ebenezer is because they mark moments in our lives where God has healed us.

Peart’s lyrics reflect this in his lyrics,

“Each emotional injury
Leaves behind its mark
Sometimes they come tumbling out
Like shadows in the dark.”

When wounds are left like this, like shadows in the dark, well…the Joker describes it perfectly:

Often times, our wounds leave us feeling raw and angry like the Joker, and like Peart describes here: “All my nerves are naked wires/Tender to the touch/Sometimes super sensitive/But who can care too much?” Wounds are meant to become scars, but as we see in the Joker clip, sometimes they stay both.

What wounds are you holding to?
What wounds are holding onto you?

Are your wounds still so deep that they haven’t seen the light of day?
Have they been so buried that you can’t even see them anymore?

God’s plan is to bring healing. Listen to the words of the prophet Malachi, “But the sun of righteousness will rise on those revering my name; healing will be in its wings so that you will go forth and jump about like calves in the stall [Mal 4:2].” When wounds heal, the scars they leave can be like badges of honor, marks of courage where you can remember that you made it through the pain, God was with you, and you will make it through the next potential scar.

In contrast to the Joker scene above, here is another look at the way that scars can be a part of who we are. And this kind of Lethal Weapon is much more fun!

Here are three things that you can do to turn Joker scars into Lethal Weapons:
1. Talk about your scars with Jesus.
2. talk about your scars with someone in your life.
3. Write about your scars.

  • Where did you get them?
  • Where was God as you healed?
  • What story do you want your scars to tell about you now?
  • Pleasure leaves a fingerprint
    As surely as mortal pain
    In memories they resonate
    And echo back again…

    Scars of pleasure
    Scars of pain
    Atmospheric changes
    Make them sensitive again