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Orange Conference Leadership Quotes for the Changing Church

Last week, a team from my church, Glendale Presbyterian Church, traveled to the ATL to attend the Orange Conference. Orange Leaders created an absolutely astounding experience all around. This was easily the most impactful, influencing conferences I have ever attended.

orange conference

Below are some important and incredible accessible link to related resources. This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but these recap some of the content part of the conference.

If you are looking for ways to connect to the conference, or connect to a conference you weren’t able to attend, then this is a great places to start.

Before I arrived I read these three post (including session notes) by Carey Nieuwhof who, in my opinion, is the blogging platinum standard for church leaders that are influencers and change agents.

Starting A Church For Unchurched Families
5 Traits Of Future Churches
Launching A Church With A Strategy To Reach Unchurched People

More from Nieuwhof:

5 Surprising Lessons Church Leaders Can Learn From Business Leaders

How To Keep Your Church From Growing Old

Creating A Lead Small Culture

Again, Nieuwhof is a fantastic resource for churches who want to change and need some help connecting the what to the why to the how.

I met Brian Dodd in the Sessions. I’ve followed his blog for years, Brian Dodd On Leadership, and it was finally great to say “Hello” in person. He was attending to create session digests which you can scan here. Brian listens for great leadership quotes and then posts those gems on pages like these. I’m linking several that I thought were quick, informative and should give you something to think on.

Leadership Quotes from Carey Nieuwhof

Leadership Quotes from Geoff Surratt

Leadership Quotes from Leadership Forum

Leadership Quotes from Mark Batterson

Leadership Quotes from Jeff Henderson

Leadership Quotes from Derwin Gray

Leadership Quotes from Andy Stanley

Leadership Quotes from Perry Noble (& Sr Pastor’s Lunch)

BONUS: 20 Leadership Quotes and Leadership Lessons from The Amazing Spiderman 2

Rob Cizek, who I just discovered via twitter, blogged the conference. Here is his post, Top Ten Leadership Quotes from Orange Conference 2014.

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