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And If You’re Lucky, You’re Not Normal Either

Have you seen this video yet?
Lazaro Arbos rocked American Idol last week.
Sure he can sing.
Sure he’s a cute kid.
But what’s awesome is he stutters.

In his interview video he broke my heart when he said this:

“The things that normal people think of as so easy are so hard from me.”

Normal people?
It kills me that so much of the time, the things that set us apart,
make us unique and flavorfilled,
make us feel not-normal,
like that was a terrible thing.

Not-normal is inspiring.

Not-normal creates new things that make our hearts break
jaws drop
blood races
imaginations jump start.
Not-normal pops off the page.

3d poster

Not-normal creates worlds, rhythms,
romances, songs and poems in pictures.

Lazaro is not normal.
Normal is a word we use for those of us who are too uninspired to imagine awesomeness.
Normal is a boring collision of syllables that should never be used to describe a person.
You are far too extraordinary for normal!

Normal is water turning dirt into mud.
Normal is the smell of the air in a refinery.
Normal is how soda goes flat, everytime.

As we look at Scripture, we never run across God asking people to be normal.
Instead, we are confronted with the need to become peculiar.
Peculiar stands out, pops out of the grid,
unplugs from the matrix.

Don’t wait around for normal.
How are you going to be Not-Normal today?

  • Suelkilpatrick

    Hmmm… Normal? What is that? Something, I’ve never been. Passed the trait on to my kids too. Thank God!

  • prophetsandpopstars

    well done, good and faithful parent!

  • Suelkilpatrick

    Did you see the picture? The 3D one? Took a Minute!

  • prophetsandpopstars

    No, I can’t see it.