ManCall Episode 3 [Podcast]

themancall200 The CK’s have had a little bit of a chore getting together this week; first Chris had a couple of crises, then Kris had a sudden urge to do a lot of reading. Like ya do…

On this week’s show, we discuss meditation or contemplative prayer, Luke 24:12, and how it reads depends on whether you’re or not you’re an optimist. We discuss the CK’s obsession with index cards, and three stories in the news grace the first edition of The Time Warp.


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  • Sue

    Chris, I like your old version (the written word) of P and P, better. The podcast is fun, but not quite to the point and a little time consuming, (for me anyway…) Don’t try to fix what’s not broken. Remember, “I like you just the way you are…. Please, won’t you be my neighbor ?” See you Sunday…