Resolutions: Just Say NO in 2013

New Years Resolutions can be depressing.
Just one more thing that we promise and fall flat on, most of us.
By bringing back a little Nancy Reagan in the New Year,
what you couldn’t do in the 80’s can now rock your world.

Just Say NO!

Just Say No resolutions

You probably think you are a whole lot worse than you are,
but that’s why we are addicted to this improvement mania called “New Years Resolutions.”
It’s like crack for Christians.

We want to be better husbands and wives.
We want to be better fathers and mothers.
We want to read more Bible.
We want to pray more.
But what we really want…
Is to be lighter and leaner.

New Years resolutions can be unrealistic.
They can be impossible.
They can be stupid.
They can be expen$ive.
I know that our friends at the gyms are anxiously awaiting the thousands of men and women that somehow think they can lose weight by just signing up.
Not that I’ve never done that…
for four years.

The problem with resolutions isn’t that we want to be better, it’s that we don’t know how.
Wanting to be better is just as smart as wanting to say no to drugs, but both are equally difficult.

Find Your “No”

yes no maybe If you want to really chase your dreams, you gotta learn to say, “No.”
If you want to grow as a person, a father, a husband, or anything else, you gotta learn to say, “No.” If you want to reach beyond where you are, you gotta learn to say, “No.”
Whatever your “If You Wanna,” You Gotta Find It!

If you want to lose weight, say “No” to that bucket of popcorn.
Run, fat boy! Say “No” to not running.
If you want to write that book, say “No” to sleeping in.
Say “No” to watching TV instead.
Say “No” to finding excuses not to write.
Say “No” to keeping on in that aweful relationship.
A child of the King deserves way better.
Say “No” to believing the worst about yourself.
Say “No” to thinking others think more about you than they do.
Say “No” to one small thing a day that will make a BIG difference.

If you want to “Be A Better Whatever
figure out what you gotta say “No” to and say it, Nancy!

I don’t know what it is to you, but you do.
Start small: Say it once a day for a week.
Celebrate the win!
Stay small: Add one “No” a day a week

Pretty soon your small NO will be a BIG YES.

Now get out there and Just say NO!

What do you need to say NO to in 2013?

  • marvin nubwaxer

    “We want to read more Bible.”
    hell no we don’t.  we wish for the rapture to take the zealots and leave behind the sane people.

  • Suelkilpatrick

    Say no to “getting sidetracked” and keep focus!

  • sherylobryan

    No is so difficult.  Even though we lived on different continents, my Dad used to call me and make me practice saying, “No.” I’m better at it than I used to be, but not as good as I need to be.  I like your concept of saying no to say yes.