The Gospel of Jude Series

Jude Big Banner

The Gospel of Jude is another way to refer to the Letter of Jude, which lies hidden, overshadowed by chapter one of Revelation. There’s great news packed inside this brief, cryptic and rather uninviting letter. Soon, I will finish the commentary I’ve been working on for the last year, from whence all this comes (kind of). Thanks for checking out the material!

1.The Love We Make (Jude Intro)
2. Three Brothers (Jude 1)
3. Liar Liar (Jude 1)
4. Gimme Shelter (Jude 1)
5. Let Love Rule (Jude 1)
6. Do More By Doing Less (Jude 2)
7. The Switch (Jude 3)
8. You Gotta Fight (Jude 3b)
9. Shades Of Grey (Jude 4)

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