manning throws interception

When Leaders Get Intercepted

There are moments when you’ve got the ball, you’re ready to throw and then…BAM! You don’t know what’s going to happen. Will the pass be completed? Will it be incomplete? Or worse yet, will it get intercepted?

manning throws interception

I got home after our worship gathering and did what I usually do: turn on the T.V. and see if I can catch the Cowboy game. I missed it, but I did catch an almost as glorious sight: Eli Manning intercepted for a touchdown!

The Saints scored on Manning and I watched the start of his 5 stages of grief hit. He wasn’t happy…I was. Then New Orleans kicked off to New York, Wilson got a hold of it and ran it all the way back for a touchdown. 97 yards.

It got me thinking…How often do I beat myself up for a mistake, when I don’t even know what will happen on the next play. Rather than steel myself for a fight, I crawl into the pity closet and play violin. But that’s not what Manning did when the Giants got the ball back. He threw a touchdown.

When you “throw an interception” how do you respond?

Do you cave in under the weight of disappointment?

When you are the leader of a team, your team is not looking at you as the last interception (if they are, you need a new team), they are looking for the next touchdown. You are the leader. What you did, you did, how you move the team forward is all that matters. Quarterbacks throw interceptions. It happens. Everyone has an off day and Safetys are really good at their jobs…or else they’d be behind a desk somewhere in Houston.

Do you listen to the complainers/critics?

The last thing a champion can do is listen to the complainers. Complainers complain because that’s what they know how to do. The whole job of a critic is to drag you down to their level: second string. There are alot of second stringers that want your spot. As a pastor/preacher, if I “throw an interception” I can’t worry about what the complainers say, there a new set of downs coming next week!

Do you line up like a champion and thank God the game isn’t over?

Interceptions happen. Mistakes are made. Errors occur and feelings get hurt. So Cowboy up, already! Mannings fans don’t ‘unlike’ him because he throws an interception. They would, though, if he gave up. But that’s not what champions, what leaders, do. They get back on the field and throw a touchdown, because that’s what they are trained to do.

When’s the last time you “threw an interception?”
How did you respond?