four for solomon

The Truth About Imperfection

“I’ll go to church when I have my life together.”

I have heard that comment more than a few times. Like we think that we have to do the work for God. At some point, we have to stop believing/preaching that line of BS. Lemme tell you, you can’t get your life that together! You don’t have to be perfect to hang with God. Historically, God seeks out imperfection.

That’s how I got invited to the party, G!

four for solomon
four for solomon

King Solomon had it all! He had money, power, fame, women, everything that goes along with being a celebrity superstud — and he had just managed the colossal blunder of doing everything God told his people not to do. What was that?

Marrying an Egyptian. 

If there was anyone who needed to get their life together, it was the King. 

Marrying an Egyptian was something that God has said specifically not to do, “Don’t marry women from other nations! They’ll bring their gods into your home and heart and that will be that. You want sex? Then worship whatever they tell you to.” 

Plus, creating a political allegiance with Egypt was moving history in the wrong direction. God had saved his people from Egypt. He had removed them from slavery in the house of Pharaoh and here was Solomon making Pharaoh his Father-in-law. 

If there was anyone that deserved God’s indifference, his ire and anger, it would be Solomon. But that isn’t the story. What actually happens is that God says to Solomon, “Ask me for anything and I will give it to you.”


Instead of a blank stare, God gives Solomon a blank check. 

From the early king days of Solomon, there are three things we can trust. 

God isn’t waiting for you to do everything right. 
God isn’t wanting you to be perfect before you show up. 
It’s more like God is waiting for you to be…there. 
Exactly like you are. 

God will be faithful to you long after you have given up on him. After you have moved on, God is still moved in

Solomon becomes the wisest stupid person ever. 

Kings from every empire come to revere him. 
He is second on the list of the 100 richest people in history. 
And yet, he marries 700 women and keeps 300 secondary wives. 

I did the math…
That’s a different woman everyday, every two years and nine months.
A different woman everyday, every three years, two months and two days…if he takes a Sabbath rest. 

Anyone who is married knows that one woman is like 700. That’s more than enough.

His heart chases after the pleasure of excess and an excess of other gods. Ultimately, his legacy is the loss of everything that’s important: his nation, his heart and his name. God made him Wise, but it never changed the fact that he was an idiot. 

The book of Ecclesiastes is all about how a person’s heart ultimately finds no satisfaction in things. There’s only so much you can do with money (Donald Sterling). Only so much you can do with power (Donald Trump). Only so much joy you find in celebrity (um…Donald Bieber).

And once every three years plus change? Please! 

You might have the kingdoms of the world,
but end up not wanting them. 
The heart was made for God. 
And God is the perfect fit for the heart. 

“I’ll go to church when I have my life together.”

How about this…no one has their life together. Anyone who says they do, is trying to sell you something.

We are all poets and painters, bluesmen and bards slowly unraveling the beautiful tapestry of what it is to be alive.

If you have been sold the line that God needs you to be perfect before you engage a life with God, then I’m sorry. It’s simply not true. There are a lot of wise people who say stupid things, and visa versa.

So, if you’ve been waiting to be a part of a life with God, go for it. Don’t wait. There’s something about your imperfection that God loves right now.

And that’s the truth. ksr