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Here Are Some Blogs I’m Into These Days

Time is precious these days. If you have any to spare, chances are you might not want to use it reading blogs. If you do, here are some blogs I’m into these days. These writer’s are great at adding value to the time you give them.

flying books

Like I said before, here are some blogs I’m into lately:



Soon To Be Superstars


A few new blogs (to me) that I’m excited about:


What I can’t live without:


1. is the platinum standard for blogs as far as I’m concerned. Nowhere else can you find the how to, where to, and why to of blogging, writing, inspiring and publishing. Make sure to listen to his podcast: This Is Your Life.

2. is a site where faith and life collide like a supernova. Jon’s other blog “Stuff Christians Like” has been a favorite for years, but nothing like the transparent humanness he exhibits on the .com!

3. is the blog of Carlos Whitaker, the Transparent, Authentic One. Carlos led worship for a church in Riverside (?) for a long time and build his blogging chops there, becoming world famous. The fact is, his posts knock you down because no matter what awkward, uncomfortable revolution he’s starting…you’re already a part of it.

4. is a “how does he do that” blog. This is the blog of überpastor Pete Wilson of CrossPoint in Nashville. When he posts, it’s always like…”I was just thinking that! How come I didn’t blog that?” It’s because he’s in tuned to Radio Coolness. His sermons rock and contain the same passion and energy you will find on his blog.

5. is now iconic. Rachel is a woman’s woman, a woman bent on deliver all women from the impossible standards of Proverbs 31. If you haven’t read Evolving in Monkey Town, then you’ve missed some of the best questions to the answers that bother us so. She is the edge of cutting edge, blogging her way through biblical living and biblical insurrection.

6. is the blog from Jeff Goins, a writer and e-book commando. This young man owns the blog world. His blog posts are challenging and inspiring for me, a writer in bondage, but the thing that really sets him apart is that he is a dude that takes good ideas and makes them a reality. He’s the difference between talking and doing.

7. is a blog I’ve recently found. Actually, I discovered him because he was a guest poster on Michael Hyatt’s blog. His post, 5 Elements Of Powerful Story, rocked! Mark has a ways to go to make his blog ‘click’, but he’s strong. Check him out.

8. is the blog of Scott Williams. He’s a leadership/inspirational guru dude that always tackles the hard issue; you know…the thing in the back of your mind that you’d just as soon suppress into a later adult trauma. Well, that may be over-dramatic, but Big Is The New Small always manages to keep it real.

9. is a blog about Community. A former missionary in Africa (how cool is that) Sheryl has a keen eye and unique perspective on all things community. Always thoughtful and faith centered, I’m happy to say this blogger is going to be my friend whether she likes it or not. Check her site out quick, there a Vimeo of a great you songstress working on a KickStarter campaign.
is the personal blog of Dr. Elvira (el ‘VEE da) Aletta. The Doc is a self proclaimed DSM Agnostic (I wish I’d thought of that) and writes about life with an eye on sense and psyche. I find her perspective sharp and accessible, always fun to comment on. She’s another blog compatriot that will show up more on prophetsandpopstars. Click on over and explore what’s next.

1. is just what it sounds like. I haven’t read much, but I love what I have read: A potent digest of all things leadership.

2. is a superstar multi-contributor site, but it looks all that. I just found it yesterday. Haven’t fully invested, but it’s in my RSS.

3. is a leadership/self development site with lists. Self development always goes better with lists. This is another multi-contributor site. – classic journal of innovation – classic journal of leadership – classic journal of rock the boat church style

  • S OBryan

    WOW! Great list! I really look forward to checking these out. The only question is where do I begin?

  • DrAletta

    Thanks for the mention! This came on a good day when I’m feeling less that superstar-ish. You just saved me from binging on chocolate. Now I will eat only a reasonable amount of chocolate. :-)

  • prophetsandpopstars

    What’s good for you might not be so good for chocolate?
    It’s OK. This time, I’ll eat the difference.

  • sherylobryan

    Thanks for the mention.  I think I’m going to like being your friend.  :) 

    Thanks for giving a plug to Rachel, too.  She didn’t make the kickstarter goal, but she’s still working on the album.