For Those About To Snog, We Salute You

From the annuls of GoDaddy Super Bowl Super Fame

I thought this interview was crazy.
It’s a kiss, people.
Why should we be surprised that a dude kissed a girl?

Oh, wait!
It’s because he’s a dweebus maximus, geekius majorus.
Real people who don’t conform to the norm of “beauty,”
they can’t be kissed by a beautiful girl, right?
That’s sexist.

The stir resulting from this commercial points to huge issue:
What do we do when beauty and beast mix it up?
I remember when my brothers met my wife.
They said, “Sure, she’s beautiful, but what is she doing with you?”

And who defines beauty?
The same people that define beast?

Jesse Heiman grasped the brass ring
and I’m not talking about the kiss.
He was fearlessly himself.

Be fearlessly you.

And check out this song…

  • sherylobryan

    We are too quick to judge books by their covers, aren’t we?  Well, maybe not you, but I’m guilty too often.

    Where I was watching the objections weren’t so much about the Beauty and the Geek angle but about the “let’s watch people who are supposed to be virtual strangers play tonsil hockey” thing.  Of course, there were tweens in the room, so I’m sure that helped with the condemnation aspect.

  • Kerry

    Well said! Not everyone looks at the outward appearance. We are taught in scripture to look at the inner beauty and not the outward appearance of somebody. Too often though, we let society and media tell us what we are supposed to view as attractive. Do not conform any longer!

  • prophetsandpopstars

    Amen, G! Thanks for the comment. Great to see you in the blog hood!

  • prophetsandpopstars

    OK…yeah, there’s that.