Are You Escaping Or Are You Free?

Every so often, I need a good escape.

Sometimes, there are just too many things that I have to do, so I elect to stop,
do none of them and entertain myself with an escape, be enticed by distraction.

The problem is that when I’m done with fun, it’s back into captivity.
Escape is a lion at the zoo. It’s Madagascar.

However, if I stick to it, get the work finished (at least as finished as I can get it)
then it’s not distraction, it’s freedom.
Freedom is a lion on the plain. It’s the Lion King.

alex the lion simba nala

To be honest, I’d rather go ahead and eat the frog, get ‘er done and be free.

But alot of the time, I just want to escape, because it’s quicker and easier.

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and ask yourself, would you rather sing, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen,” or “Hakuna Matata?”

Will it be the zoo or the plain?
Escape or Freedom?

  • sherylobryan

    Great analogy!  I may have to keep those pictures somewhere on my desk.