emptiest church in glendale

The Emptiest Church In Glendale

Yesterday, we started what will quickly make GPC the Emptiest Church in Glendale. Empty of self, that is. Jesus poured himself out for our sakes and lived a life filled by the Father. That sounds like a great thing for his church to do, doesn’t it?

So what do you do on a Monday
after a Sunday like Sunday?

If you were one of those folks who walked down the aisle yesterday, YES! That actually happened! I want to remind you that you were courageous and bold. Coming forward to confess that you want to be like Jesus, emptied, poured out, so that the Father can fill you back to overflowing is a seriously brave thing.

Today, I’m having a total worship hangover, trying to recover from the amazing grace and power of God at work in our congregation!

If you weren’t one of those folks, thanks for hanging back and praying. God was at work mightily in all of our hearts! There will be a next time!

So, what do we do today?

First, remember that yesterday happened. What Jesus did in your heart is real and meant for action today.

Jesus emptied himself, poured himself out so that he could be filled by the Father. In his human life as a servant, he got refilled in three deeply significant ways that you can do, too.

Jesus was dependent on the Word of the Father

When he was tempted, Jesus fell back on the Word that was in his heart. The Word that had been taught to him, memorized and treasured.

Jesus was dependent on the Presence of the Father

At the height of his business, when there was more opportunity than there was time, Jesus went away and spent time in the presence of his Dad. There was no one else on earth who could or would do for him what five minutes with the Father could.

Jesus was dependent on the Mission of the Father

In a hurting, oppressed, depressed, exhausted world, Jesus stuck to the mission, which was simply to get people to God. He never answered the Porsche prayer, never wrote a mortgage check, but asked sinners to change their hearts and lives and believe.

What you can do today and tomorrow and for the rest of your life is keep emptying yourself of independence and surrendering to dependence on the Father.

Surrender yourself by praying these three things:

  • Ask Jesus to give you a craving for his Word
  • Ask Jesus to give you a longing for his Presence
  • Ask Jesus to give you a fearless hunger for his Mission
  • emptiest church in glendale

    Empty Happens

    I’d love to hear your reflections. How can we encourage you to find Christ’s Word, Presence and Mission wherever you are today?