the Dam

It’s Time For Some Dam Breaking!

the Dam

Sometimes in writing, creating, producing, it begins to feel like all the great stuff, all the stuff that makes you YOU, the stuff that will make the world different around you is backed up behind this great big Dam (or Dang as my son calls it). I’m going to do some Dam-Busting…or dang busting.

Take Some Time

I’m going to take some vacation time and with that I plan on not pressuring myself to come up with anything super-wow for prophetsandpopstars. I’m going to spend some time, praying, planning, dreaming, hanging out with my family…time for nothing at all. Perhaps I’ll shoot something of infinite sweetness on a new post. Perhaps I’ll retread something old.

Take Some Time With What Makes You YOU

During July, I’m going to do some dream work. Listen to myself. Hone in on what it is I love about what it is I love. I plan on going back through the 5+ years of posts and seeing what I’ve written, what I’ve enjoyed, what you’ve enjoyed. Once a year, we all need to take a break for some fresh life inspiration. How do you find inspiration?

And The Dam Will Break

Only so much energy can get held back before the dam will break. I’m looking forward to that day. I’ve got a lot I want to contribute. I love writing and I love writing on this blog. I can’t wait for it to be a walk in the park again, a time when writing at prophetsandpopstars is a break away from the grind and grist of ministry, life and the depths of my unknowns.

Enjoy one seriously warm July.