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Sunday Setlist 11/29/09

In keeping with the fine tradition over at, here is today’s set list.

The first Sunday of Advent was just fantastic. We don’t usually do much “liturgy” in our Contemporary Service, but today it was filled with “the work of the people,” and much the better for it.

We started the service with this video from Sting’s new album, If On A Winter’s Night.

The first song was Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. Simple guitar and drum machine, a solid way to begin our season of Advent.

After the Call to Worship and lighting of the advent candle, we sang Glorious (Chris Tomlin) and Prince of Peace (You Are Holy).

After the sermon, a little Marvelous Light for the offertory. We closed the service with I Saw the Light/Go Tell It On The Mountain (yeehaws included!)

As you may have guessed, Light was the theme that connected today’s worship (Is 9:2)

Hope your morning was consumed by the Spirit!

sunday setlist six zero

This is part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlists. Check it out!
Picture 1

Picture 4 This morning began with Lincoln Brewster’s “Let Your Glory Shine” on the PA. This song rocks out loud, like if Eddie Van Halen was a worship leader (well, if he was, he’d sound like Brewster). Anyway, I really want to work this one into the worship set — along with the rest of the album.

The worship set looked like this:

1. Glory to God Forever – Fee
This song has wings. It’s a great opener. The thing with this tune is that you can play it up-tempo and rock it a little, or you can slow it down and give it a ton of feel. Today we shot in the middle.

2. Majestic – Brewster version
Mainstay. When you have to have familiar, go with this one.

3. This Is How We Know (chords) – Matt Redman
This is the first song off the new (and stellar) album from Matt Redman. Like Today Is The Day (L.B.), We Shall Not Be Shaken is solid the whole way through. I think I’m going to teach this record track by track. We started here. We turned the lights down in the sanctuary so that the cross, which is back lit, would be really central. Since it was new, it probably wasn’t as hard hitting as it could have been…but there’s always next week.

The offertory came in the form of “He Loves Us” served up Crowder-style//two female vocals, guitar with shadowy delay and this track.

We closed with “Let The Praises Ring.”
Can’t go wrong here. Gotta hit that lead line in the intro…it polishes the ROCK!!!

Truth be told…this was all acoustic. We have our drummer every other week and I alt with the bass depending on how many guitarists we have. Next week, we’re plugged again. Can’t wait to revisit This Is How We Know. Seriously thinking about introducing Let Your Glory Fall. We shall see.

Sunday Setlist

This is part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlists. Check it out!
Picture 1
This morning was a Communion service.

Picture 2 I love Communion services. That God would invite me to the feast of his table, man…just blows me away. Today, we had a pretty crack band, so the music was that much more entwined with the worship. So here goes the set.

1. Seek Ye First: I updated the tempo and added a chorus. It got people moving in that “I’m dancing to an 80’s classic!” sort of way. We did this before the worship service started, so it gave the atmosphere some momentum. We also brought it back at the end of the service and closed with it. God stuff. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the sermon centered around this particular text.

2. The main worship set began with “Praise Awaits You” by Matt Redman. If you are looking for a starter for next week. Try this one.

3. Let The Praises RIng: Love playing this song. Thanks Lincoln, I believe we will close the service with this one next week!

4. Glory To God Forever: New from Fee’s upcoming record. If you haven’t done this yet…what are you waiting for? I accidentally botched the capo placement and made our bassist work for it. Rod…you passed!!!

5. Remembrance: This is a killer tune for Communion by Matt Redman and Matt Maher. If you don’t have Redman’s new “We Shall Not Be Shaken,” well download it here, or here. The whole record is good for worship and I intend to use it all. Next week, I’ll introduce “This Is How We Know.”

That’s the set for the week ending 9/6/09.

Thanks for the forum, Fred! Bread and Cup credit

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Sunday Setlist 29

All the set list fun made possible by Fred McKinnon and his Sunday Setlists.

This was a mission Sunday. One of our parishioners made the trip to Rwanda and shared her heart with us. This was an awesome thing! Going in, I knew the topic and so managed the challenge of songs that would glorify with songs the band knew with a drummer who wasn’t able to make the rehearsal.

The set looked like this:

1. It is well with my soul: We do a cowboy version of this song. The “Cowboy blues” if you will. The congregation can relate to the tradition and get down to the boot scootin’-ness.

2. Everything Glorious: Using our new Korg M3, I was able to add some schweet sounds with just one finger. I used patch 14 on the A bank and hung a def CGF run in the dub bass register. It so grooved. The congregation was glad to see its tithes and offerings at work. Click below to hear the coolness (we’re still working out sound quality and how to record. Any suggestions are welcome)


3. You Never Let Go: Powerful song, I don’t care who you are!

The fact that the band hadn’t rehearsed all together worked for us on Sunday. We were listening hard to one another and it just payed off. We should not rehearse more often! Not really.

I had planned to lead Take My Life, the Tomlin version, for offertory, but the speaker had planned a video I didn’t know about. It was the perfect ending. Listening to one woman’s story in Rwanda was the point of the morning. So…I had planned to close with God of This City, but the video needed to be the ending. Anything after that would have been, “look at the uncomfortable white folk trying to make everyone feel worshippy.” The Spirit took the lead. We were better for it!

It was a day short on set, long on worship.

Sunday Setlist 27

It’s been a while since I last posted on the setlist for Sundays. This is a part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlists (#27).

Today was a good day for music in our service. You know, it’s odd. We are an aging church with this youthful insurgence that craves more current worship music. But we still are an aging church. Each Sunday we play rockin’ stuff, but it looks like the demographic is getting older. Each Sunday, I wrestle with worship that needs to represent the congregation, but also moves in the direction of God’s renewing activity in the world. This morning was no exception. I do see septuagenarians stepping side to side a little bit, but the vibe is kind of odd. All that to say, there’s a tension in church where the style and demographic don’t quite align, isn’t there?

Moving on…

This morning, we opened with Everyday (Hillsong United). This song always moves and I think that most folks appreciate the opportunity to affirm, “It’s you I live for everyday.” I have some students who are taking on a role in the band and this song enables them so soar a bit (which is definitely good for the overall demographic).

Next we tackled Everlasting God (Tomlin). A song that most of the congregation can sing without thinking too much. I think you have to include those kinds of songs. We don’t need to theologize on the lyrics of every tune. Speaking of, I really didn’t say much of anything while leading worship today. Sometimes you couldn’t shut me up with duct tape and a stapler, today wasn’t one of those days for some reason.

God of this City (Tomlin). I don’t care where you are, this song is a mission statement that only the most courageous can follow and sing. The anthem itself is almost a promise. You have to be careful just mouthing these words! Powerful. And this song could move a congregation if played only on a jewsharp.

Prince of Peace (Can’t Remember – we’ve been playing it 15 years). Our group likes the time we spend naming the names of God in this song. If you haven’t yet done this song, work it. People like being engaged by things they don’t normally know how to think about.

Lastly, at the end of the service we did a sweet arrangement of Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. We tried to model the sound after the version Christy Nockels did on the Passion Hymns record. Now, this, this was representative of the whole congregation. The spirit moved…and the deal is…my wife can just flat out sing!

A couple of notes:

1. If you haven’t checked out Christ Tomlin’s new worship site fqworship, I recommend doing so. Especially, if you tend to play alot of worship songs that come from that end of the spectrum. It’s a pay site. There may be a free option, but you get what you pay for. I like it. For the money, I have access to a worship planning site that I’m just now beginning to figure out how to use.

2. Also, check out the New Spring Church site and watch the beginning of the “Week 3: Go and Tell” in the current series. The band starts out with a simply rock-o-phonic version of “This Little Light of Mine.” We will be playing that next week! We’ll also be playing “Let Love Rule” as recorded by Ginny Owens (available on iTunes).

Problems to work out:

1. No sound man. The sound is very church nightmare like. Pray that God sends us a person with ears (and experience).

2. I’m a tenor. I like songs in their original key, but we always have to change the key into this unsingable bari-range. I sound like a sea lion with broken ribs every sunday. Oh, well…Jesus is praised anyway.

Sunday Set List

Today, I have to comment on the group of musicians high above the list of songs that we did. God has raised a worship group from the congregation and we are totally enjoying the fruit. Fortunately, we have a large amount of talent that up until this point has remained largely unfocused. But for this Presbyterian church, seven worshippers on the chancel is a big deal. Today, we witnessed much clapping on the beat and several cases of clapping to the beat AND stepping side to side! It was NUTS!

Yeah, God. Hopefully, within a relatively short amount of time, my role in the music will decrease. This is a strange thing to say, because I love to lead worship! But, since it’s not my primary role, so to speak, giving away the cool ministry jobs by equipping the able seems like it’s the Biblical thing to do. I am noticing though that equipping just creates more work. After a morning like this morning, it’s totally worth it!

Here’s the set:

1. Everyday (we’ve never done this song, so the newness of it was cool. How many of you would like to play this song for the first time again?)
2. Majestic (I’ve always played guitar during worship, always, but this week I got to wander the chancel with my mic…I think I like it.)
3. We Fall Down (Cuz, sometimes you just have to do this song…and the guy that sang it, really know it!)
4. Doxology (Crowder — the time sig confused the crowd at first, but they got into the vibe)
5. It Is Well With My Soul (If you’re not doing the Jars of Clay version from Redemption Songs, then you really need to be. I would have never in a million years guessed it, but my church totally loves the cowboy guitar style.)

At some point I’ll remember to record something. Our big rock it out night is Wednesday…we’ll do some Reggae then and I’ll post that!

Thanks Fred for the Carnival. This is part of Sunday Setlists #13 @ Fred McKinnon’s blog.

(Tomorrow, Monday, I will be unleashing a new Carnival…check back on 10/20)