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Hi! My name is Chris. I’m the Pastor of Glendale Presbyterian Church in almost always perfect, Glendale, Ca. I live here with my wife, Rebecca (the most awesome person on the planet), and our three beautiful children.

This is my personal blog where I work through my observations and experiences as I journey through a life of marriage, ministry, parenting, pastoring, leading and discipling.

I’m a hopeless book junkie and music addict.

I love movies, although with three kids…good luck with that! Rebecca and I enjoy obsessing on one TV Show at time. Recently we have burned our way through Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, Monarch Of The Glen and *Lie To Me. If you haven’t watched any of those…don’t start!


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I was born and raised in Texas. I went to High School at Stratford HS before moving to Virginia Beach, VA, where I finished up at First Colonial HS. During High School, I realized that a short, 135 pound kid couldn’t really compete on the gridiron, but he could have a great time on the stage.

Armed with a BFA from the University of Miami, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Grammy or an Oscar (I was not very discriminating). Instead of fortune and fame, I found my life in family, faith in Jesus and the church. In the early 90’s I became a worship leader and youth minister and continued on in some variation of those in Hollywood and the Phoenix area for about 16 years. After about 10 years in Phoenix, my wife and I earned an Mdiv from Fuller Theological Seminary Southwest.

After a year long search, I accepted a call to Glendale Presbyterian Church.

That’s we where we are. That’s what I’m doing.

Thanks for reading!

  • John Kenneth Kimberlin

    CHRIS: About Abraham’ camels – How accurate is carbon-14 dating?

  • http://prophetsandpopstars.com prophetsandpopstars

    It’s like everything else with a margin of error. Of course, there’s nothing that says Abraham didn’t get camels from somewhere else and keep his own secret stash!

  • John Kenneth Kimberlin

    GREAT to view your blog! Your wit is wacky!!!

  • http://sevensentences.com/ Geoff Talbot

    Brilliant — Looking forward to journeying with you and reading more.