Changing The World With Four Sticks Of Gum

True Story:

The other night before my daughter’s youth group,
I brought her and her BFF to In N’ Out for some pre church grub.

In N Out Double

While I was waiting in line, my daughter’s friend turns to be and asks if I have 29¢.
I scour my pockets and realize that I only have a pack of gum,
so I said to the awesome customer service representative
(who shall remain unnamed),

“I don’t have 29¢, but how about four sticks of gum?”

I was about to bust out my debit card to cover the damage when he said,
“Sounds good to me!”

I thought he was kidding.
He wasn’t.

Four pieces of gum went into the till.

Wouldn’t it be great if more people solved things like that?

Like when countries line up for war,
One side says, “How ’bout free ice cream for everyone?”
Devastation averted.

Here’s to you,
Super Awesome World Problem Solver
In N Out Customer Representative!

  • Suelkilpatrick

    The simple things in life … the best.  A simple stick of gum (or Lifesaver ) is of equal value to that of a peace treaty ! Thanks for sharing, Good Pastor !

  • sherylobryan

    Fantastic!  What great customer service!  In N’ Out should be proud of such an employee.