#4 Three Pastors In Dangerous Times [Podcast]

If you are a church leader, and even if you aren’t, you are more than likely well aware that The World Is Shifting! Things aren’t the same. It’s not like it used to be. And despite the desire to go backward, we can’t…and we shouldn’t.

light in the darkness


In this podcast, Randy Lovejoy (Pastor of Silverlake Community Church) and Joseph Barkley (Pastor of Ecclesia Hollywood) join the prophetsandpopstars podcast to discuss how we see the world shifting in Silverlake, Glendale and Hollywood and talk about how the church can move forward (Well…that was the point). In our first meeting of the minds we asked and addressed several questions that we hope you are asking as well.

We found that we are in three related, but different places:

Glendale Presbyterian Church – Observing the Shift
Silverlake Community Church – Navigating the Shift
Ecclesia Hollywood – Embracing the Shift

Questions in the podcast:

How is outreach/evangelism moving to the worship room to the living room?
How do we use technology to create a sense of intimacy, to leverage for global use?
How can we use technology to bring leaders together (AKA “meeting”)?
How do we view the Big Room Gathering?
Which is better: the hundredth sheep or the tenth coin?
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What is Spiritual Oatmeal?

Five Shifts mentioned in Hyatt’s podcast:
1) A Shift In Perception
2) A Shift In Intention
3) A Shift In Direction
4) A Shift In Acceleration
5) A Shift In Allocation

Andrew Walls (CT Article)
The proclamation of the Gospel has been expanded in two ways: Crusader model vs. Missionary model.
In the missionary model, we put ourselves in situations where we are not in control; where we do not control the agenda.
Persuasion vs. Conversion

Mentioned in the podcast:

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